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David Basset Technical Manager for the Centre Thieu Lam and representative official Tinh Vo Dao Ho Hoa Hue in France

5 dan Federal FFKaraté

David Basset Technical Manager for the Centre Thieu Lam and representative official Tinh Vo Dao Ho Hoa Hue in France

David Basset’s biography

The Thiêu Lam Center benefits from local renown and is one of the few associations that offer such a wide variety of classes and intensive training. The personality and career of its technical manager, David Basset, five dan black belt in the FFKaraté Federation, has something to do with it.
He started practicing Japanese martial arts at the age of 12. In 1993, he discovered Chinese-Vietnamese martial arts and developed a passion for them. He trained with Master Serge Nguyen Can Binh, the son of Master Nguyen Dan Phu, founder of the Thanh Long School, the recognized patriarch of Vietnamese martial arts in Europe. This school grew out of the 72 movements of Bodhidharma, the Indian master who initiated the breathing techniques used by the Shaolin monks.
Three years later, he earned his black belt and in 1996 the Dong Hai Thanh Long school awarded him a green belt, the school’s highest honor.
Later, he earned his second dan from the Dong Hai Thanh Long school, based on his martial dedication and his sporting distinctions (vice-champion of France in combat, gold medal in technique, head of the Midi-Pyrénées regional competition under the aegis of the FFJDA, 1998).
In 1998, he organized the first children’s regional competition for Chinese-Vietnamese martial arts in the town of Pibrac, where more than a hundred participants were encouraged and applauded.
Starting in 1999, David Basset started onto a rich and varied path, working kung fu with the Shaolin monk Shi De Shen, practicing Qwan Ki Do, ju jitsu, boxing, kick boxing and full contact. He was able to adapt Chinese-Vietnamese martial arts using the wealth of each style and knows how to teach for every different age group and energy.
At the same time, he joined the Union Française de Vo directed by Master Gaston Trangiac and Master François Brassecasse, in order to continue studying the Thanh Long School.
In 2001, he founded the Thieu Lam Center for Martial Arts and Culture, he trained a demonstration and competition team. He also participated in a large gathering organized by the Union Française de Vo where one of Vietnam’s top masters was invited. This is where he met Master Ho Hoa Hue, founder of the Tinh Vo Dao school and 6th dan in the Vietnamese federation.
From 2002 to 2003, he worked with Master Wong Tun Ken, who is recognized for his work in Ba Gua Zhang, or Eight Trigram Boxing.
2005 saw the birth of two major projects: the first is a trip to Vietnam where David Basset again met Master Ho Hoa Hue. She proposed that he represent her style in France and he accepted.
The second is the completion of a Chinese-Vietnamese martial arts training program adapted for children, which he did with the help of Lionel Froidure (DVD, L’éveil du Dragon, available from Imagin’arts).
Since 2005, David has gone to Vietnam every year to train with Master Ho Hoa Hue, of which he became a disciple. In 2011, he was named head of France Tinh Vo Dao Ho Hoa Hue.
He is also studying Wudang Boxing (Tai ji quan, Qi gong) with one of China’s top masters, 15th generation Wudang Pai Master Yuan Li Min.

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