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Master Hô Hoa Huê

Master Hô Hoa Huê

Master Hô Hoa Huê, guardian of the martial spirit and ambassador for Binh Dinh martial arts

Binh Dinh, a city in central Vietnam, is considered to be the cradle of traditional martial arts in Vietnam.
Traditional Vietnamese martial arts are a combination of five key elements:
  •  Meditation in the warrior spirit, or Võ Đạo
  • Theory with logical reasoning and discernment, Võ Lý
  • Practice that is assiduous, Võ Học
  • Medicine and the art of healing, Võ Y
  • Martial law, in the spirit of the method, Võ Pháp
These are the soul of Vietnamese martial arts.
Many know that Master Hô Hoa Huê, founder of Tinh Vo Dao, was the first Vietnamese woman to build a bridge bringing to the Vietnamese martial arts culture to over 60 countries throughout the world, with nearly 80,000 students today. Her followers, in Vietnam and elsewhere, call her “Ambassador for Vietnamese Martial Arts.”
“The Golden Woman” has said, “My goal is that traditional Vietnamese martial arts become the national martial art.”

Master Hô Hoa Huê

Martial arts: her destiny

Master Hô Hoa Huê’s path to traditional martial arts was set from the start. She was born in a region known for its traditional operas in South Vietnam (the region of Tiên Giang), into a family that had practiced traditional martial arts for generations at Tan Giang – Son Tay (now called An Khe Gia Lai).
Her father, a resistant to the French occupation, died in the first fighting in the
south in 1946. She was two years old at the time. Then, with her grandfather, she returned to live in her birthplace of Tay Son Binh Dinh, waiting to find a master.
Her grandfather, Grand Master Ho Van Cao, was the first to spark the love for martial arts that was already flowing in her veins. Legend has it that Tay Son was a martial arts center for insurgents. People who came there had to wear flags for clothing. She thought that life would become normal again. But pain and misfortune struck again, when she lost her grandfather when she was ten. Young Hô Hoa Huê left her childhood behind for good.
Leaving behind a land of sand and wet heat, she went to the central plateau,
where she had the opportunity to find Master Pham Dong, a renowned master of Tay Son – Binh Dihn martial arts. He adopted her as a daughter and disciple.
She stood out thanks to the martial arts education she inherited since her childhood. Her intelligence and endurance caught the attention of the masters and the oldest disciples, who gave her a particularly intensive training. In this way, she quickly learned the foundation of Tay Son martial arts, and at the age of 14 she left for Saigon. She crossed paths with the worst kind of individuals in the city, but her passion for martial arts was stronger than ever.
She became a disciple of Ho Van Lanh, aka Tu Thien, who taught Ba Tra – Tân Khanh martial arts. This renowned Saigon master named her Master Ho. She continued her training with boxing under a Pilipino boxer, and then Shaolin martial arts (Thieu Lam) – Wing Chun under the Chinese Master Lu Trong Nho.
The same year, Master Hô Hoa Huê entered her first combat in an opening match. The following year, she accepted to fight Master Bich Lien, a famous woman traditional martial arts boxer. Master Hô Hoa Huê won the competition in less than a minute with her “An Long” technique. The two women became good friends afterwards.
She promised her spouse that she would not fight after their marriage.
She returned to her home region of Tien Giang to open a martial arts school in Hoa Hung (formerly the bac of My Thuan). But her destiny drew her to Saigon. She returned to the city to found the Tinh Vo Dao school. She was over forty at the time. To continue her dream of promoting traditional Vietnamese martial arts, she travels a lot, which is tiring but she enjoys the opportunity to meet numerous masters from other schools.

Master Hô Hoa Huê

Her career as a Master

Today, Tinh Vo Dao is recognized as a traditional martial art. Many martial art schools would like to have this recognition.
Every day, Master Ho Hoa Hue provides strict training in the positions and the protective movements.
Her dragon technique is composed of ten lessons, including Long Tuyen Kiem – Huynh Long Phien – Bach Long Dao – Song Long Trủy thủ, etc.
Master Hô Hoa Huê Tinh Vo Dao
Long Tuyen Kiem is made up of 60 movements: jab, slice, roll, throw, fly, divert, strike, etc. The sword can go forward or backward, be stiff or flexible, etc
A legend recounts that King Quang Trung used Long Tuyen Kiem to lead his army. He won many enemy flags this way, and their armies feared this formidable sword form.
Furthermore, Master Hô Hoa Huê created new techniques for training and to highlight the beauty of traditional martial arts. In all, there are 30 lessons. They include the use of 18 traditional weapons, but also various objects from daily life, such as fans and umbrellas. All of these objects can unexpectedly be transformed into powerful weapons.

Guarding the martial arts flame

Today, she has many major achievements in her martial career: she was champion in martial arts technique for four consecutive years (1996-1997-1998 and 1999); executive commissioner of the Vietnam Traditional Martial Arts Federation (Lien Doan Vo Thuat Vo Co Truyen Viet Nam*), and a member of the Research and Development Centre for Vietnamese Martial Arts for UNESCO in Ho Chi Minh.
Yet, this woman has endless determination. Her dream is to promote Vietnamese martial arts abroad, to demonstrate to her international friends that traditional martial arts from her native town of Binh Dinh have singular, unequaled qualities.
To do this, for the past ten years Master Hô Hoa Huê has traveled the world,
Vo Su Ho Hoa Hue Tinh Vo Dao
going to Europe (France, Holland, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, etc.), Africa (Morocco, etc.), and the Americas to spread her martial art form and to learn techniques developed by other Vietnamese masters.She has also taught qi gong techniques at the Vatican and in several hospitals.

She is the first woman grand master of Vietnam to succeed in spreading her art form abroad.
With its techniques and movements stemming from traditional martial arts and from the master’s own creation, Tihn Vo Dao has been the pride of Vietnamese abroad and has attracted researchers, martial arts masters and foreign disciples.
In addition, foreign Tinh Vo Dao students practice the art in their own countries, and they all seek to go to the main dojo to greet Master Hô Hoa Huê in Vietnam.
In 2011, Master Hô Hoa Huê named David Basset (a Ho Phi Long disciple) to head up Tinh Vo Dao in France. She asked him to set up a training center specialized in Tinh Vo Dao, ensuring its growth in France and Europe.
The future of Vietnamese martial arts and the Tinh Vo Dao school
David Basset, his wife Lise Basset and Master Ho Tieu Phung (who has been a direct disciple of the founding Master since the age of 5) are founding a Tinh Vo Dao training center for all students, followers, teachers and future teachers who would like to be trained in:
-      Qi gong (Eight pieces of Brocade – Bat Doan Cam), which works on breathing techniques, specific strengthening exercises for martial arts and medicinal lessons.
-      Wooden dummy, self defense (Wing Chun)
-      The Vo Co Truyen program
-      Leaning and/or perfecting the 18 traditional weapons, plus fan, nunchaku, umbrella, hatchet, double knife, double saber, double butterfly knife, short staff


Training will be offered in intensive courses, in private classes and in ongoing training in the Center, but also in seminars in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City).
The training center has different places dedicated to training with classes every day and the possibility of housing on site.
Trainees will have their training validated by the Founding Master of the Master Ho Hoa Hue school, with a diploma from the school that certifies the skills acquired.
Today, 400 trainees are already following the on-going training program.
The course has training materials, technique files and DVDs.
* The Vo Co Truyen is a Vietnamese term encompassing all the traditional Vietnamese martial arts schools. The TinH Vo Dao school is part of this “Lien Doan Vo Thuat Vo Co Truyen” Federation.
DVD Hosted by master Ho Tieu Phung – Direct disciple of master Ho Hoa Hué in Vietnam 22 national gold medals in Vietnam.

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